Keeping your website up to date is crucial, not only to increase traffic, but also to prevent malicious attacks.

Checking, adding and removing links

Over time links can be broken or outdated. We provide an in-depth analysis and solution to keep your website updated.

Updating your CMS (theme & plugins)

It is important to keep your CMS Themes & Plugins up-to-date. We can safely update them, even if they are customized.

Adding Social Media Links

Social Media Links are paramount for link building and improving your ranking in search results.

Adding functionalities

You might consider upgrading your website with new functionalities such as, an event calendar or adding online payment solutions.

Updating text and images & Alt tags

We can update the contents of your website and ass Alt tags to your images for better readability by search engines.

Hosting transfer

Paying too much for your outdated hosting service ? We have host your website at a reasonable price.

Adding new products

No time to add your new products ? We’ll update your products list in a timely manner.

Security updates

Prevent your website from being hacked. We’ll scrutinise your website to detect security flaws and fix them.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Improve your ranking in search results and trust us with white hat SEO.

Site backup

Keep your website safe and let us do an entire backup to prevent any loss of data.
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